Letter to the Editor The Connecticut Post Bridgeport, CT Of course one can be concerned about war, foster children, and animals; a person's kindness need not be classified. So it's wonderful to read the call for animal-free circuses (“Aren't there more important things for them to worry about?” – 11 May). Whatever handling tools are banned, depriving circus animals of their freedom is itself mistreatment. Right again about cruelty-free farming: The only way to ensure it is to raise plants, not animals, for food.

In Connecticut, complete vegetarianism is entirely possible. Consider Baba Ganouj. This classic Middle Eastern pâté can serve as a wholesome picnic treat, on pita or pumpernickel with fresh garnish. All it takes is an eggplant, a bit of sesame butter and olive oil, the juice of a lemon, a pressed garlic clove, and a dash of salt. For this and many other recipes, see our cookbook Dining With Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine — produced right here in Connecticut. It takes commitment, yet vegetarianism is surprisingly easy to pull off. And now that we know animal farms contribute some 18% of the excess greenhouse gases that drive global warming — more than transport — what's really impossible is maintaining our old habits. Opting out of animal exploitation is the kind thing to do, and an important thing, too. Priscilla Feral, President Friends of Animals Darien, Connecticut 06820