Friends of Animals, the New York-based international animal rights organization, has launched its new anti-fur ad campaign, “One Fur Coat”. King size bus posters will be seen for one month starting November 5th on New York City bus routes and in several national general circulation magazines such as Harper”s, Time Out New York, Natural Health, Natural Glow, and Vegetarian Times. The advertisements will feature the startling faces of 40 red foxes and the headline “One Fur Coat”.

Friends of Animals has highlighted through its yearly ad campaigns the never-ending onslaught against wildlife and the brutality and cruelty of the fur industry. Despite media reports to the contrary, Friends of Animals contends that fur is always out of fashion and those personalities and celebrities who have resisted the urge to adorn themselves with fur should be recognized as true friends of animals, not fair-weather friends. As we approach the season of “Peace on Earth” and “Goodwill Toward All”, Friends of Animals’ new advertisements are a reminder that “Goodwill” toward them is very limited indeed.

Friends of Animals has been a leading figure in the struggle to abolish the abusive commercial exploitation of fur-bearing animals. Every autumn, FoA launches a new, provocative campaign to discourage people from purchasing and wearing fur garments. Says Shelton Walden, FoA’s Communications Director, “These messages compel everyone who sees them to become aware that pain and suffering are intrinsic to every fur coat or garment with fur trim – whether the animals killed to make it were ranch raised, or caught in a torturous trapping device.”

One Fur Coat Ad

FoA’s 2002 anti-fur campaign is the work of Sal DeVito of DeVito/Verdi agency in New York.

FoA’s president, Priscilla Feral adds, “We think this powerful message about the waste of sentient animal life, and the vulgarity of the fur trade will compel people to think before supporting cruelty by design.”