pThe October 18th Metro newspaper reports an alarming number of Canada geese and other wildlife being injured and killed by unknown persons with blow guns in a New York City Park in the Bronx. Park officials report that “hunting” the animals in parks with blow guns by members of the public is becoming more popular. /p
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pFriends of Animals has led the campaign to oppose and reverse New York City’s roundup and slaughter policy of thousands of Canada geese throughout city parks for four years. As long as government-sanctioned killing of wildlife occurs, the public will receive the destructive message that other animals don’t matter, and that, in turn can influence behavior. Widely published photos of Canada geese and their goslings being brutally stuffed into crates, and transported to gas chambers have been made public-impressionable young people have been given the message that treating urban wildlife with extreme disrespect is justifiable. We must demand of our public officials policies that respect and protect wildlife. The public is watching and listening closely. /p
pstrongWhat You Can Do/strong/p
pContact Mayor Bloomberg and make clear your opposition to the slaughter of geese in New York City./p
p· If you live in New York City, you can call the Mayor’s office at City Hall at 212.788.3000./p
pOutside of New York City, call /
· Fax a message: /
· a href=””Send an email to the Mayor/a./p
pFor more information, contact Edita Birnkrant, NY Director of Friends of Animals by a href=””email/a at or 212.247.8120/p