The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages and Friends of Animals are opposed to the relocation of the New York City carriage horse hack line to three locations just inside Central Park because it is a disingenuous ploy to let people think that this will make a big difference to the horses. It will not. 

The horses will still be traveling to and from their stables on the busy streets of New York City where most of the accidents have occurred. The drivers will still be making illegal U-turns to access the hack lines and will still be ignoring existing regulations such as leaving their horses unattended because humane law enforcement is nonexistent.

This is not a victory – it is an illusion – like the emperor’s new clothes, designed to deceive. It was one of the few changes to the administrative code that the mayor could make that did not require a vote by the City Council.

Oral arguments will be heard Jan. 8 in New York County Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street where the legality of these proposed regulations will eventually be decided.

There are only three stables left and extensive redevelopment in the area is looming. The only equitable, sensible and humane solution is to shut down the industry; save the horses, and for the city and carriage drivers to come to an agreement about the creation of new jobs.