Friends of Animals is sickened that New Jersey authorities on Sunday announced an extension of the state’s annual black bear hunt after hunters failed to meet the target of 20 percent reduction in the state’s black bear population. Last week, hunters killed 472 bears over a six-day period as part of the yearly hunt. Hunting will now continue this week, Wednesday through Saturday.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife admits that the population of black bears in New Jersey is about the same since these gruesome hunts were approved in 2010 since Gov. Christie took office and started the hunts to cash in on campaign promises to pro-hunting groups, like the New Jersey Outdoors Alliance, who rallied for his election.

The agency also admits that bear human encounters have not decreased as a result of the hunts because people irresponsibly feed bears.

So essentially the bear slaughter is pointless, except that it brings thousands, potentially millions of dollars, that into the state from the bear slaughter. Please bombard the Christie’s office with calls today to remind him that there’s no proof whatsoever that bear hunts provide any safety to the public, but there’s lots of proof in many other states, Yosemite National Park in California being the best example, where secured-trash cans protect the public. Tell him to kill the bear hunt one and for all and protect the public with bear-proof trash containers and be educating them about what to do if they encounter a black bear.

Contact Chris Christie’s office today and speak out against this cruel hunt. Call him at 609-292-6000

You can also tweet the Governor here or send him a message on Facebook.