pLos Angeles, January 29, 2013/p
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img src=” ” alt=”squirrel” width=”250″ height=”166″ /div class=”caption”Squirrels are thinking, feeling animals and deserve to live in peacebr /
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pThe Companion Animal Protection Society is launching a national alert campaign to prevent an annual squirrel killing contest in Holley, N.Y.. The “7th Annual Hazzard County Squirrel Slam” is scheduled for Saturday, February 16. The contest, which awards cash prizes for the largest squirrel killed that day, will feature a “weigh in” and a gun drawing with several different types of fire arms, one of which is a AR/22 Semi./p
pThe event is sponsored by the Holley Fire Department and is inviting children under the age of fourteen to shoot and kill squirrels./p
pAfter being inundated with emails from around the country from concerned animal welfare advocates, CAPS contacted Fire Chief Hendrickson in Holley and urged him to cancel the inhumane event. Chief Hendrickson told CAPS’ West Coast Director to “take it up with the state if people don’t like it.” When asked the reason for the contest, Chief Hendrickson claimed the event is to “control the squirrel population problem.” The Fire Department chief was unable to provide CAPS with any evidence that there is a problem of squirrel overpopulation in that area./p
p”This is a depressed area! We have lost everything!” yelled a woman who did not identify herself answering the phone at Mayor Kenney’s office. “We hunt here! We hunt everything! We eat squirrels! We have no industry! Do you know what hunting is?”/p
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