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As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Gov. Murkowski has slowed down the predator control scheme to allow Alaska’s state sharpshooters to shot-gun wolves from helicopters, or other aircraft around McGrath this Spring, following Friends of Animals’ promise of legal action and a tourism boycott. The wolf-killing scheme is on the back burner, but we must stop it from going forward in the Fall through the legislative maneuver described below.

“Whether it’s aircraft or helicopters or unlimited snowmachine hunting, if it’s done to accomplish predator control to make moose hunting more convenient, it’s all the same to us,” I recently told the Associated Press in Alaska.

It’s not over yet, and as an Alaskan, the wolves need your immediate assistance. The state legislature in Juneau is considering two bills designed to overturn the prohibition of same-day aerial wolf hunting — even though Alaska’s voters voted twice — in 1996 and 2000 to outlaw the land- and- shoot (read: shoot and land) wolf-killing methods. If passed, the predator control measure would give the Fish and Game commissioner total discretion as to whether to start aerial wolf control, and how to carry it out with permits given to the public.

What You Can Do:

Please call and e-mail your State Representative and State Senator now, and tell them you oppose both House Bill 208 and Senate Bill 155. Tell them you expect them to reject these two aerial wolf control measures. For information on who your legislators are, or contact information, visit:

Click Here for information on finding and contacting your Alaska State Senator or Representative.

We’ll keep you posted on all developments through Act•ionLine, our quarterly magazine and other alerts.

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Priscilla Feral
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