By WILLIAM McCALL, Associated Press — A federal court in Oregon has become the latest battleground over the care of chimpanzees and other animals at a Texas animal sanctuary now under new management.

In April, a Texas judge ended a legal battle over control of Primarily Primates after the Texas attorney general’s office seized the roughly 75-acre sanctuary last October and appointed a receiver to manage it while allegations of misspent donations and substandard conditions were investigated.

…The judge ordered management of the Texas facility turned over to Priscilla Feral, who runs the global animals rights group Friends of Animals, based in Connecticut.

“They vindicated the place and dropped all the charges and we arranged a settlement,” Feral said Monday, adding her advocacy group has a “spotless record” for animal care for over 50 years.

Friends of Animals is merging with Primarily Primates, taking over administrative duties and restructuring its management.

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