Nov. 8, 2011 | Boise State Public Radio/Idaho Public Television


File photo of a three-year-old male wolf. Credit: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

BOISE, Idaho – Conservation groups were in a Southern California courtroom Tuesday trying to stop ongoing wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana.

The conservation groups and attorneys representing the federal government presented arguments in Pasadena to a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Priscilla Feral is the president of Friends of Animals, one of the conservation groups mounting the legal effort.

“There is grave harm to wolves,” she said. “They are being harmed right now and hundreds are dying and that’s the reason for granting us our injunction.”

Feral said a decision on the injunction could be made this week. But the bigger issue over removing federal protection for wolves could take several months.

A representative for the federal government said she won’t comment on the case until a decision has been reached.

Idaho Fish and Game says 107 wolves have been killed this season.

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