We have a cheer today for a lifestyle brand that’s walking the walk in cruelty- free fashion. Hugo Boss has launched a Boos Menswear shoe line made from pineapple leaf fibers. The new line of shoes is produced with Pinatex, a natural-based material from the byproducts of harvested pineapples. 

The company said the shoe line is part of a commitment to rely on sustainable design, sourcing and production. The vegan shoes come in four colors made from plant-based dyes.

Boss is the latest in a line of footwear designers shunning leather as well as fur, silk, feathers and wool, in response to more eco-conscious consumers. The global synthetic leather market is expected to reach more than $85 billion by 2025, according to View Research Inc., with footwear showing the fastest growth.

Other vegan shoe designers include Rebecca Mink and Veerah by Stacey Chang, whose company uses apple peels and cork in its shoe products.

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