So now we hear the chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the U.S. objects to a commercial that purportedly condones cockfighting HSUS Criticizes Burger King Ads, Oct. 21 2004. Reacting to a couple of people dressed up in chicken suits, the Society’s CEO sees fit to publicly denounce “Burger King’s “chicken fight” commercial as an endorsement of “base and barbaric” chicken abuse.

And no, the CEO utters not one word about Burger King’s propensity to package and sell vast quantities of the very same animals. In fact, that’s what the commercial actually promotes. Not cockfighting, but chicken sandwiches.

It so happens that chickens raised to become sandwiches live in cramped conditions that cause outbreaks of fighting. If we know cockfighting as the “brutal and bloody business” that HSUS describes, then its results are right there on Burger King’s menu.

Those wishing to protest the needless suffering of chickens and other animals don’t have to go looking for cockfighting rings to do that. We can all prevent abuse by avoiding burger and chicken outlets completely, and committing ourselves to a non-violent diet.


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