Although Canada geese are only grounded and flightless for a brief six to eight weeks, a period which a bit of simple tolerance could easily wait out, the officials rush to promote capture-and-slaughter plans every year at this time. Common sense and decency would say: Let them be, clean up after them where needed, and wish them well as their feathers grow in again and they are back on their way.

In contrast, officials in New Jersey’s Mercer County are “about to go to war against Canada – Canada Geese that is.” They told reporter Grantland D’Avino the population of geese is stationary but that’s not the case.

The reporter does note this: “For Edita Birnkrant, New York director of Friends of Animals, the group that led a protest of Canada Goose killings in New York City last June, the ‘endless cycle of killing and killing’ geese is itself a problem, rather than a solution.” Full story in today’s TRENTONIAN