Jane Velez-Mitchell covered a protest we attended in NYC last week against the cruel and dangerous horse-carriage industry. We have been demanding that City Council pass a bill that would get these horses off the city streets and into sanctuaries where they belong.

These horses don't deserve to be treated like machines, denied freedom of movement and any pasture and forced to maneuver daily in chaotic and stressful traffic conditions. There have been so many accidents and runaway carriage horse incidents recently, and carriage drivers caught violating the law. Enough is enough! Let's make NYC more progressive and humane by getting carriage horse abuse off our streets for good!

Ask your City Council member to support legilsation that would end NYC's carriage-horse industry once and for all. Find your City Council member here and feel free to send them our list of reasons why it is vitally important that a ban is passed as soon as possible.