Have you been to the Mystic Aquarium in recent years? Does the sight and thought of intelligent and sentient animals like beluga whales being held in captivity upset you? Like you, Friends of Animals does not believe that beluga whales belong in captivity. 

Mystic Aquarium is currently trying to import five young beluga whales from Marineland of Canada. It has applied to the federal government for a permit to import the beluga whales. The belugas would be deeply traumatized by their transport to Mystic, and the only meaningful purposes served by the import would be the propagation of captive display and breeding of belugas in this country. For these reasons, Friends of Animals is determined to prevent the import and submitted a comment to the government opposing Mystic Aquarium’s permit application.

We’re looking for members who’ve visited Mystic Aquarium in recent years and are interested in working with Friends of Animals attorneys to help stop the import. If you fit those categories, please let us know and email shernick@friendsofanimals.org ! Thank you for your support of Friends of Animals!