November is World Vegan Month!

Every day, we at Friends of Animals meet people who are thinking of going vegan.

Maybe you are thinking about it too. And you might wonder why people become vegans, why we consider the commitment so important, and what the decision means in everyday terms. Check out ourVegan Starter Guide where we’ll explore some of the many reasons people decide to live vegan, and offer you some recipes and resources.

We have some of our favorite vegan spots on this Pinterest map available here as well as some of our favorite vegan cookbooks we’ve reviewed in our magazine Action Line here.

There’s also no reason why your four-legged friends can’t join in celebrating World Vegan Month…and we have the perfect way for them to do so. Take a look at our new cookbook, “For the Love of Dog Biscuits“, which contains plant-based, gourmet dog treat recipes for each month of the year!

We will also be sharing with you a few delicious vegan recipes this month that come straight from our very own vegan cookbooks which you can purchase right here.