Happy National Dog Day! Check out our list of ways you can celebrate your four-legged friends today.

  1. Share some love with our “For the Love of Dog Biscuits” cookbook! A healthy, delicious treat for every month with recipes that won’t break the bank. Learn more right here.

  2. Take your dog to a local dog park. The socialization and exercise is something your dog is definitely going to enjoy and appreciate!
  3. Extreme doghouse makeover. Or not-so-extreme. There are lots of small modifications you can make at home to pupgrade your dog’s quality of life. Check out this list from BarkPost

  4. Buy your dog a fun new dog toy… or two… or five. Alternative: Buy your dog a fashionable collar and leash!

  5. Donate blankets and food to your local animal shelter or spend the day volunteering! You can also encourage your friends and family to adopt or foster a dog.

  6. Help us end pet homelessness by making a donation to support our low-cost spay and neuter program which has helped alter over 3.5 million pets.