From all of us here at Friends of Animals, Happy Earth Day! Check out our tips for creating a meaningful and impactful celebration today: 

1. The single most important thing you can do for the earth is to be vegan! Worldwide, the meat and dairy industries use 30 percent of our fresh water every day. Animal agriculture is the source of 51 percent of all greenhouse gasses. Adopting a vegan diet is the easiest and most significant way to reduce your carbon footprint, hands down. As if saving more than a hundred animals a year wasn’t reason enough, right? Check out our website for our vegan starter guide and our very own gourmet vegan cookbooks to get started!  

2. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than sponsoring a resident at our sanctuary in Texas—Primarily Primates. You can sponsor an animal for a loved one or yourself. A photo of the animal will be provided to the gift recipient. To sponsor an animal monthly ($10- $50) or annually ($120-$600). Visit their website by clicking here; call 830.755.4616; or send a check to Primarily Primates, 26099 Dull Knife Trail, San Antonio, Texas, 78255.

3. Keep your lawn healthy and green by switching to organic lawn care. Summer gardens are just around the corner. Earth day reminds us that the purposed of gardening should be to create, not destroy. That’s why we are offering a recipe for an Odorous Organic spray to keep vegetable gardens and flower borders insect free. Unlike pesticides that are toxic and non-selective, killing on a broad spectrum, the following spray recipe will not harm wildlife or the environment. You can also learn more about the dangers of pesticides in our recent press release! 


Grind up in a blender 24 oz. of garlic and mix well with 16 tablespoons of mineral oil. Let stand 24 hours.

Dissolve 2 oz. of soap shavings in 1 gallon of water. Add garlic mixture and let stand overnight.

Mix well and strain through a cloth. Add 1 part of this mixture to 10 parts of water in a sprayer and apply to plants weekly.

If insects are already present, use every 3 days for control, and then weekly thereafter.

Mix a fresh batch for each application.

4. Go green with your pet! Your fluffy friends deserve to eat just as healthy as you do…so don’t give them brand name, unhealthy, additive filled dog treats. Give them what they really want…tasty, nutritious homemade dog treats! For the Love of Dog Biscuits—a cookbook that provides recipes for healthy, all natural, nutritional and delicious dog treats that won’t break the bank. With recipes made entirely from plant foods, dog owners can rest assured they are feeding their best friends safe treats suitable for their own palate. The icing on the dog biscuit—they’ll be extending compassion to all animals. You can order the cookbook, complete with a cute dog-bone cookie cutter, on our website.