We have a big #cheer today for the news that fashion house giant Gucci has announced their commitment to being fur-free next year, starting with its spring-summer 2018 collection.

The Italian brand’s president, Marco Bizzarri, announced the move at a talk at the London College of Fashion on Wednesday.

Bizzarri said: “Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals.”

The brand will no longer use any type of animal fur including, coyote, mink, fox, rabbit or karakul, which is a breed of domestic sheep.

Bizzarri also said fur products will be replaced with products made of faux-fur, wool and new fabric innovations. But the ban could also win the brand points with its young client base. Millennials, whom consulting firm Deloitte describes as more ethically minded than previous generations, presently account for more than half of Gucci’s shoppers, up from 40 percent two years ago, according to analysts at Mainfirst Bank.

We have long advocated for complete bans on fur and the shutdown of the cruel fur industry. In our latest national ad campaign, which features billboards in NYC, we have been” flipping off” those who think it’s cool to wear animals. We’ve been encouraging consumers to protest against an industry that glamorizes and profits off of animal pain, suffering and death by refraining from all purchases of fur items.

We’re happy to see that Gucci is listening to its consumers and becoming more ethically minded by flipping off fur. We’re aware that decisions like this aren’t always permanent in the fashio industry, so we hope Gucci stays true to its word and keeps fur a thing of the past!