We have big cheer because a Mobile, Ala., greyhound racing park is shuttering its doors this month due to declining market demand. We are thrilled that there is a change in what people of Alabama view as entertainment. According to media reports, in 1991 there were 62 active greyhound tracks unsupported by other forms of gaming in the state—but there will only be one left now that Mobile Park is gone. We can only hope that last park will be out of business ASAP.

Alabama Sighthound Adoptions President Darla Dean told a local radio station that organizations across North America have already agreed to take on dogs and help to rehome them. 

Dean says greyhounds make good companions, but will have to adjust from the lifestyle of an athlete to that of a pet.

According to GREY2KUSA, greyhounds are kept confined in their cages for 20 or more hours per day. And at dog tracks nationwide, they routinely suffer serious injuries. From January 2008 through October 2016, a total of 13,989 greyhound injuries have been documented.

There are currently 18 dog tracks remaining in six states: Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Alabama, West Virginia and Florida. If you live in any of those states, you can write letters to the editors of your local paper to raise awareness about the cruelty of greyhound racing so they too will be put out of business.
If you have a rescued greyhound at home, please share your photos with us.