The future of the circus is animal-free

The Austrian circus stopped using wild animals in its shows in the 1990s, well before others began to take similar steps, and since then had only used domestic horses. But recently, the circus decided to stop using animals altogether and take things in a more futuristic direction.

The high-flying trapeze artists and clowns in the circus are now paired with a full team of holographic animals from around the world. Projected elephants wave their trunks at the crowd, and later a bright orange fish swims the length of the arena. Thanks to new technology, it’s never been a better time for circuses to stop featuring live animals. Check out a video of the virtual animals above.














Dog becomes “big brother” to rescued baby calf

Ever since Calvin, a baby calf who was rescued from a dairy farm, came to live at Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary in Ontario, he’s had a steadfast protector. Lincoln, an Australian shepherd who lives at the sanctuary, has hardly left Calvin’s side since he arrived. Lincoln helped watch over Calvin when he was first brought to the sanctuary and kept a close watch while the calf was running around and exploring , but Lincoln was also there in Calvin’s moments of relaxation when they would nap in the grass together. Six months later, they’re still inseparable. Learn more about them on the Black Goat’s website.













Coyote learns to cross a special bridge built just for him

A large highway, I-90, cuts right through a natural habitat, and while it’s crucial for transportation between the east and west parts of Washington state, it also is home to so many animals who can be injured or killed from trying to cross it. To remedy this problem, a coalition of people invested a significant amount of resources and time into planning a series of special wildlife bridges complete with an abundance of plants and greenery to help guide the animals safely across. The first of 20 bridges in the works was just completed and a camera has already caught footage of an animal making good use of the invention. Check out a video of the first crossing here.













Researchers discover 1.5 million hidden penguins in the Arctic

After analyzing over 40 years of Antarctic images gathered by seven satellites, a NASA-funded team of researchers recently uncovered new details about the lives of Antarctica’s Adélie penguins, a type of bird they think can help reveal past and future threats to the region. During the study, the researchers unexpectedly uncovered an enormous, previously unknown population of about 1.5 million penguins located in a remote and harsh region of Antarctica. Learn about the unusual method they used to locate these penguins here.













NY school districts participate in 10-day vegan challenge

Sixty two school districts and 13 businesses in New York are currently taking part in a 10-day plant-based health challenge. The Good Life Program, led by NY teacher Doug Schmidt in collaboration with Smola Consulting and the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership, involves the 3,200 participants following a plant-based meal plan. We’re happy to see so many schools learn about the benefits of eating vegan and hope the challenge inspires people to make a permanent change.