New York City– International animal advocacy organization Friends of Animals and supporters will gather for an informative and spirited holiday anti-fur rally in front of “furrier to the stars” Dennis Basso’s pricey boutique on Madison Avenue.

The animal advocates will grace the shopping scene of Madison Avenue decked out in Santa hats, ringing jingle bells, and holding festive banners and signs that proclaim a message of compassion and joy for all animals this holiday season, and beyond. Literature that reveals the unjust reality behind the glossy façade of the fur industry will be distributed to passersby and shoppers.

Dennis Basso will be offered a holiday stocking full of coal.

“We’d love to offer Sugar Plum Fairies instead,” said Edita Birnkrant of Friends of Animals. “But that will wait until Dennis Basso joins the modern era, to become the premiere purveyor of fabulous faux-fur garments to the stars.

“This holiday season, Dennis Basso is making money by marketing the skin someone else was in.

40 or more mink skins are needed to make a single coat. Coyotes, wolves, raccoons, and other animals are trapped, snared, shot clubbed, gassed and electrocuted, all to produce frivolous garments and trim for which alternatives already exist. That custom might have been accepted in the days of St. Nicholas, but it’s not a part of an enlightened society. The sight of fur in the streets is anything but merry.”

Wednesday, December 19th, 12noon — 1:30pm

Dennis Basso Fur Boutique
765 Madison Avenue, between 65th & 66th St.
Upper East Side, Manhattan

Contact: Edita Birnkrant 212.247.8120; Cell 917.940.2725