With the Oscars taking place during fashion week in NYC, there’s certainly a lot of talk about who’s wearing what this week. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars rewore or recycled old red-carpet gowns and suits in an effort to be more eco-friendly—making sustainable fashion one of the most talked about trends at the Academy Awards this year.

Aware of an overall buzz about sustainable fashion, fur industry associations are ramping up their own message for fall/winter 2020 and promoting the sustainability of animal skins. It’s their way of fighting back because California banned the sale of fur, NYC is considering a fur sales ban and an increasing number of luxury brands and retailers like Macy’s and Bloomingdales announced they will no longer use or sell fur.

Photo Credit: House of Fluff

Mark Oaten, the International Fur Federation’s chief executive, even admitted to the Wall Street Journal that he’s worried social media buzz about popular brands shunning fur might sway young shoppers, whom the industry is counting on to buy fur in the future.

“This year the Federation plans a very, very big social-media campaign aimed at young people to actually talk to them about the reason why natural fur is something they should be buying, rather than buying the plastic alternative,” he said.

We are not surprised the fur industry will try to make faux fur the villain knowing it will never win the animal cruelty argument. But we aren’t going to let them get away spreading fake news about fake fur.

That’s why we are sharing the Faux Fur Institute’s effort to fight the fur industry’s fake news campaign. The Paris-based group gathered the most commonly spread misconceptions about faux fur and revealed the truth about each one. You can read it here: www.fauxfurinstitute.com/antifakenews.