New York, New York — Holding a banner portraying a “cave person” fully clad in fur with the catchword “Evolve”, members of Friends of Animals (FoA) will launch a high profile campaign targeting Prada’s archaic and exploitative fur “fashions.” All four NYC Prada stores will be under severe criticism. Parsons School of Design and Hunter College students will join in the effort by way of street theatre.

Clad in furs, mimicking “Cave People”, they will link the misinformed and unfashionable fur wearers of today with our prehistoric ancestors, and encourage people to build a peaceful wardrobe.

Other activists will distribute Friends of Animals Fur Activist Kits in trendy bags stamped with the slogan “Fur: It’s Not My Bag”

Friends of Animals Anti-Fur Ad Campaign Targeting the 2003/2004 Fur Season

One Fur Coat Ad

FoA’s “One Fur Coat” anti-fur ad will be seen in the following arenas:
Nov 13 Time Out NY Essential NY Issue
Nov/Dec 2003 Mother Jones
Dec 2003 Progressive Magazine
Dec 2003 The Nation
Nov 17-30 Electronic Billboard at Times Square
44th & Broadway (Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will pass right by it)

Meeting Time: 11:30am Date: November 15, 2003 March Begins: 12:00 Noon Meeting Location: Union Square (Next to Horse Statue South side of the park) End Location: Prada Fur Designer and Retailer 575 Broadway (Corner of Broadway and Prince) New York, New York