Last week all eyes were on the Salt River wild horses in Arizona. Due to public backlash, the U.S. Forest Service decided to postpone its roundup of 100 of the Salt River wild horses, and Friends of Animals will be taking legal action later this week to try and ensure the long-term survival of this particular herd. 

Unfortunately wild horses from the Pryor Mountain Herd in Montana were not so lucky last week. The crimes against them began Aug. 5, when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management launched its bait trap assault with the goal of removing 15 to 20 young wild horses from the their families and the only home they know. Some of the horses have already been sent to the BLM Britton Springs Corrals to be prepared for BLM’s adoption program.

The BLM and its supporters masquerading as wild horse advocates will spin their PR wheels incessantly to make the baiting and trapping process seem like a wonderful dinner invitation for these wild horses and that the adoption program is more pleasant alternative to being wild and free. 

But for anyone who is not intellectually lazy and can stomach the atrocities against wild horses that the BLM commits at every roundup, Mitchell Bornstein’s Last Chance Mustang reveals the life sentence of abuse some wild horses like Sampson face at the hands of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program, which labels wild horses as difficult as soon as they are rounded up. You can read an article about the novel here.

Friends of Animals is grateful for wild horse advocates like Bornstein who will say the things that no one else will—wild horses like Sampson who are plucked from their homes on the range are thrown into the domestic horse world where they are brutalized and victimized. 

The good news is Friends of Animals will continue to fight the BLM until the Worst Government Agency is out of business. While we were denied an injunction to stop the Pryor Mountain Roundup, we will proceed with the lawsuit in hopes of getting an order from the District Court or the Court of Appeals declaring that BLM actions are illegal, and preventing them from taking similar actions in the future.