Our shame campaign takes on U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, who plans to host a two-day animal killing political fundraiser, and we need your help to convince him to cancel the needless event. His fundraiser could easily be a clay target shooting event instead.

On Sept. 9, Inhofe and wealthy donors plan to have a mass “pigeon shoot” held at a private hunting club where several hundred pigeons will be taken from cages, roughly thrown into the air by handlers and then shot to death by the senator and attendees. As with all pigeon shoots like these, many wounded pigeons will suffer a slow, painful excruciating death. The next day, Sept.10, the carnage will continue with a dove hunt.

Animal killing fundraisers and contests should not be legal in Oklahoma or any state, and it’s criminal that a sitting U.S. senator would raise funds from such a vicious activity. When questioned in 2014 about the inappropriateness of a similar fundraiser, a campaign manager said, “We’re not apologizing for it. The people opposed to these shoots are extreme animal rights activists who oppose rodeo and deer hunting.”

While it’s true that Friends of Animals opposes rodeos and all hunting, wildlife killing contests are getting the backlash they deserve from the public and progressive states like California, which banned predator killing contests in 2014. We hope other states will follow suit and ban all wildlife killing contests.

Please tell Inhofe and his campaign staff such barbaric cruelty should not be accepted as tradition and you will not support the campaign until they cancel his shameful pigeon and dove massacre.

Email Sen. Inhofe here
Call his Oklahoma City office: (918) 748-5111

And if you live in Oklahoma, contact your local legislators and ask them to introduce legislation that would make wildlife killing contests and fundraisers illegal in the state. You can find your legislator here.