Over the summer, the Bureau of Land Management quietly slipped a report to Congress outlining management options for a “sustainable wild horse and burro program” and showed its true colors—that it evolved from the United States Grazing Service, which as the name suggests, catered to cattle and sheep ranchers. That’s why Friends of Animals is not surprised this “report” calls for massive removals, permanent sterilization, sale without limitation and slaughter. 

So Friends of Animals has some more rational options for Congress to consider:

● Limit or restrict entirely cattle and sheep from grazing in wild horse Herd Management Areas (HMAs).
● Limit oil, gas and mining operations in HMAs
● Amend the Wild Horse and Burro Act to allow wild horses to be returned or relocated to Herd Areas in states where wild horses have been wiped out
● Protect natural predators such as mountain lions
● Adjust outdated appropriate management levels to accommodate more horses

You can read our entire response to BLM’s report here: Response to BLM Report_Wild Horses_final2