Mickey Z., “Meat the Press” columnist for VegNews, will entertain and inform a diverse group of activists with a talk entitled “Welcome to Spin World: Corporate Propaganda for Vegans.”

Mickey will demystify the ways in which companies bewitch, bother, and bewilder us. The talk will also address various techniques used by the mainstream media to portray vegetarian activists in ways that suit the interests of big business.

As always, Mickey Z. will be encouraging “the subversive pleasure of thinking for yourself.”

Join Friends of Animals, Mickey Z., and their guests at Foundations of a Movement: An Animal Rights Conference (in New York City on Saturday and Sunday 9-10 July 2005; Mickey’s talk is scheduled for Saturday).

The pleasure of thinking for yourself will go wonderfully with samples from a multi-course, gourmet raw food demonstration from the very popular New York restaurant Pure Food & Wine. This demonstration, and all conference refreshments, will be purely plant-based.

Talks will also address farming, biodiversity, and organic living; and participants will hear about the latest trends in biotechnology and species modification, as well as recommended methods of empowerment for activists in this area.

Friends of Animals will introduce their new cookbook Dining with Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine, which includes recipes both for dining and for activism. The book begins with a Foreword by John Robbins, and includes many great raw and cooked ideas from outstanding contributing chefs from all over the continent and beyond. Mickey Z.’s fine work will also be available.

You can reserve your spot now by clicking here (or call 203.656.1522).