Join Friends of Animals Dec. 5 for ‘Flip off’ fur rally and unveiling of new Times Square billboard

When: Saturday, Dec. 5 from noon to 1:30 p.m. (Posters/props will be provided.)

Where: Meet underneath Flip off fur billboard, corner of 8th Ave and 42nd St. in Times Square for rally—followed by march to a designer’s studio where we will protest his cruel fashions

More people buy fur in New York than anywhere else in the United States, so Friends of Animals is bringing its “Flip off fur” campaign to the core of this cruel, shallow, bloody industry.

FoA’s interactive campaign— #FlipOffFur—which includes print ads and the billboard beginning of Dec.1, uses an image of a fox, a middle finger gesture and a hashtag to create a social media trend. Despite fur being a fashion faux pas in the 80s and 90s, the global fur industry is now being valued at more than $40 billion because the fur industry got busy renovating its image. Sadly designers and consumers have fallen right into the fur industry’s trap, no pun intended.

Join us to remind people it’s still not cool to wear fur and that they should not be comfortable in another animal’s skin. Because no matter how many feel-good labels the fur industry sticks on its fur coats—it takes 40 fox skins and 60 mink skins to make a fur coat—it still farms, traps, kills and processes millions of animal who could have lived full free lives.

Raised on ranches or in factories, these animals are warehoused in cages, every natural instinct thwarted. Minks suffer neck breaking, or are stuffed into boxes pumped full of unfiltered engine exhaust, then skinned. Lynxes, coyotes, foxes and chinchillas are often electrocuted. And for those tricked into thinking it’s ok to wear a garment trimmed in fur rather an entire fur coat, those scraps were once part of a breathing being, who was still tortured and killed in the same way!

Come take a stand and flip off the brutal fur industry with us.

To RSVP for the Dec. 5 event, send an email to