City Council Speaker Corey Johnson has introduced legislation – Intro 1476 — that would ban the sale of fur in NYC. Here’s what you need to know:

Q- What exactly would be prohibited under this legislation?

The bill prohibits the sales or offering for sale of any fur or fur apparel, meaning any article of clothing or fashion accessory, and includes any animal skin in whole or part with the hair, fleece or fur fibers attached

Q- Are there any exemptions?

Yes, the bill exempts used fur or fur apparel. It also exempts fur worn as a matter of religious custom.

Q – Can I wear the fur I already have and items with fur or fleece fibers attached, such as boots.

Yes. The sales ban does not restrict your ability to wear what you have already purchased or was given to you. Might as well

Q- Can I wear fur or fur apparel purchased outside the city?


Q – Can I still buy used fur apparel in NYC.


Q- Does the legislation ban leather?


Q- Can I wear faux fur and purchase faux fur accessories?


Q- When does this law take effect?

Within 90 days of becoming law.

Q- Why has this ban been proposed?

About 100 million mink and foxes are killed for fur worldwide each year and trappers kill millions of coyotes, raccoons, muskrats and others as well for fashion. The animals live short, tortured lives at fur farms before being electrocuted, or gassed and skinned. They have their necks broken, or are clubbed and are also captured and drowned in sadistic limb-pinning or body crushing traps. Eliminating the use of fur products within NYC will follow in the tradition of the city being a progressive leader in animal protection and end the unnecessary market of fur only made possible by cruelty and killings.