We have a massive jeer this morning for the news that Donald Trump Jr. ditched his Secret Service detail earlier this month to go on a moose-hunting trip in the Yukon, according to a report in The New York Times that details one reporter’s quest to locate the Trump son.

Trump purposely abandoned the protections when he traveled to the sparsely populated northwest Canada territory, where he spent a week with a few friends and a hunting bow, attempting to murder members of the majestic and peaceful moose population there and apparently succeeding because he told the press, he killed a moose — “big one, too,” according to the president’s son.

This is the latest example of a Trump son showing a staggering disregard and cruelty towards wildlife. It is no surprise (some say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) that Donald’s sons would offer ridiculous, almost laughable justification of their love of killing expeditions in North America and Africa. Donald Jr. told Forbes magazine in 2012, “If you wait through long, cold hours in the November woods with a bow in your hands hoping a buck will show or if you spend days walking in the African bush trailing Cape buffalo while listening to lions roar, you’re sure to learn hunting isn’t about killing.”

We beg to differ. The Trump’s son’s obsession with hunting has everything to do with ego, animal cruelty, and wealth. Friends of Animals knows that money doesn’t make killing ok…which is the main message of our latest anti-trophy hunting campaign. Learn more and check out our video here.