The Challis Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management has proposed rounding up 150 wild horses from the Challis Herd Management Area in Custer County, Idaho, permanently removing 50 and forcibly drugging some of the mares with the fertility control pesticide PZP. The HMA consists of 154,150 BLM acres and the appropriate management level is a measly 185 horses. Meanwhile there are just 563 wild horses even left in the entire state of Idaho!


We are not surprised the BLM—a mouthpiece for welfare ranchers who take huge subsidies from the government and pay next to nothing to lease public lands—is targeting this area, as hundreds of cattle graze in the area. Welfare ranchers don’t like to share forage or habitat with any wildlife. For example, in three nearby allotments, also overseen by the Challis Field Office, 1,527 cattle are allowed to graze. Plus BLM points out that the HMA provides critical winter range habitat for “big game species” and hunting brings in revenue to other federal and state agencies that the BLM partners with.


We are asking supporters for photos or any information regarding this wonderful, colorful herd of chestnuts, pintos, paints, roans, grays, duns, grullos, and a few Appaloosas that call the Challis HMA home.  Please email if you have any information to share.