Philadelphians Invited to Free Informational Meeting

23 JUNE 2010

At 7 pm on Wednesday, 7 July at the Chestnut Hill Library, 8711 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA, Advocates for the Deer, with support from the Pennsylvania chapter of Friends of Animals, will host guest speaker Christina Kobland, a native-landscaping biodiversity and wildlife expert who founded Native Return, LLC. Her lectures endear her to audiences who advocate for wildlife and its protection.

Attendees will learn to select deer-resistant and native plants, and how to use fencing to allow woody plants to survive yet permit the movement of indigenous animals.

Christina Kobland will also address the importance of unifying a community to respect habitat — its loss is the main cause of the global biodiversity crisis — explaining the role of wildlife (“green”) corridors.

“Energy, agriculture, trail planning and purportedly green initiatives often destroy habitat,” said Kobland.

When people learn why, Kobland explains, they can prepare to challenge development or intrusive, expensive animal-control “solutions” while basing their views on the sound principles and practical know-how. Thus, a community can preserve its precious ecology and share the wisdom needed to co-exist with all life forms in our midst.

Mary Ann Baron of Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer said, “I’m content to live in Chestnut Hill with beautiful native landscaping that functions well in an area of a healthy deer population, and I want to help others discover the benefits of landscaping that works with, not against, the precious planet under our feet.”

Noting that many wildlife advocacy groups advocate hunting and fishing, Christina Kobland expressed the highest enthusiasm about working with Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer and Friends of Animals who advocate for wildlife living free, according to their own terms.

The meeting will be free and open to the public.