pRick Steiner / Alaska Dispatch / December 30, 2012/p
pClosed-minded ideologues are characterized by their stubborn refusal to amend their perspective when presented with information that doesn’t conform to their position. This sort of rigid thinking is evident in denials of such established facts as climate change, the health impacts of pollution, and even evolution. Ideologues feign a respect for science, but quickly discount it when it conflicts with their long-held point of view./p
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img src=”” alt=”wolf” width=”200″ height=”120″ /div class=”caption”A wolf in Denali National Park and Preserve Denali NPS Twitter feed/div
pWe see elements of this same thinking in Craig Medred’s recent article in which he blames the decline in Denali National Park wolves on everything except hunting and trapping. Interestingly, this very same rationalization has been invoked for decades by some resource management agencies, when they blame any downturn of a fish or wildlife population on natural causes beyond their control, while claiming credit for stable or increasing populations as the result of their ‘good management.’/p
pA bit of background on the current Denali wolf issue may help open-minded readers decide for themselves what is a rational viewpoint on the issue./p
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