To kick off our latest anti-fur campaign, which includes a Times Square Billboard and social media campaign, we organized an anti-fur educational demonstration inside the Fur Vault at Macy's Herald Square location in NYC. 

We protested, chanted and gave an anti-fur Public Service announcement through a bullhorn to shoppers inside the Fur Vault, and others on the fifth floor who gathered to hear our message for nearly ten minutes before police arrived. Check out Jane Velez-Mitchell's video coverage of our protest below as well as reporter Donny Moss' in-depth look at the anti-fur demonstration below. 

Jane Unchained: Friends of Animals unveils giant ANTI-FUR billboard in Times Square then marches into Macy’s fur vault with crime scene tape. Watch what happens next!

Anti-Fur Activists Risk Arrest With Bold, In Store Protest

By Donny Moss of Their Turn 

Birnkrant and her three partners in crime (compassion, really) took their anti-fur, pro-kindess message inside the store because “people wake up and think in a more heightened way when they encounter a protest where they don’t expect it and where it’s not supposed to happen — on private property.”

During their seven minutes at the Fur Salon, Birnkrant asked shoppers to make the connection between the fur coats and the animals who were skinned to make them. And, of course, she and her fellow activists chanted: “Hey, Macy’s, what do you say? How did you get your fur today? Gassing, trapping, anal electrocution.” Shortly after they arrived, Macy’s security ushered customers out of the Fur Vault and shut the doors, temporarily halting business on one of the business shopping days of the year. 

The response from shoppers who gathered to watch was mixed. Some applauded, and others challenged them: “As I was chanting ‘Please reject the violence of fur,’ one woman angrily asked “How about the violence to human beings? In response, I said, ‘We can have compassion for people and animals. How we treat each other, how we treat animals, and how we treat the planet are all connected.”  As expected, one shopper shouted, “Plants feel pain too.” There’s one in every crowd.