Singer Troy Lee Gentry, of country duo Montgomery Gentry, and professional hunting guide Lee Marvin Greenly have been indicted for conspiring to violate the Lacey Act.

The authorities allege that in 2004 Gentry paid Greenly $4,650 to shoot a tame black bear named “Cubby” in an enclosure and then, after doing so, falsely tagged the bear as free-living rather than tamed.

Gentry had the bow-and-arrow killing videotaped. The government claims the tape was doctored to create the appearance of “fair chase” hunting situation.

A statement released by Johnny Dorris on Gentry’s behalf claims the “bear occupied its own habitat (consisting of several acres of woodlands) on a game preserve owned by the codefendant. Troy shot the bear with a bow and arrow from a tree stand mounted on the private game preserve.”

While Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources frowns on shooting captive bears, the department actively promotes black bear hunting, and, according to the department, 3,391 bears were killed in 2004.

You can contact Troy Lee Gentry at:

Troy Lee Gentry
c/o Johnny Dorris
Hallmark Direction Co.
713 18th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37203

The state-sanctioned killing of the 3,391 bears in legal hunts is no less significant than the killing of Cubby.