pstrongBuffer Zone Around Yellowstone Park Needed to Stop Wolf Slaughter/strong /p
pA collared female alpha wolf, named “06,” and part of the famous tourist-drawing Lamar Canyon wolf group in Yellowstone National Park was shot and killed by a Wyoming hunter on December 7th, 2012. /p
p06 was part of a federally-funded ongoing study of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and the eighth collared wolf killed by hunters this year. Total numbers of un-collared wolves killed are not yet known. Just two weeks ago, “754M,” a Beta male wolf of the same Lamar Canyon group as 06 was shot and killed in the same exact area near the park./p
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pVisitors from around the world travel to Yellowstone National Park to observe these wolves, generating millions of dollars in eco-tourism. Ironically, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead and the governors of states in the Northern Rockies that border Yellowstone are sponsoring the wolves’ slaughter in Yellowstone by refusing to enact a buffer zone so that wolves have protection from hunters when they travel outside Yellowstone’s boundaries. /p
pWolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park in 1995, yet their slaughter of wolves goes on with impunity. The hunting of wolves should stop immediately, in Wyoming and elsewhere. Wolves play a crucial role in the eco-system, and nature controls its own numbers. Hunting is repulsive, and it’s hunters and trappers who need to be controlled./p
pstrongWhat You Can Do Now/strongbr /
Please call and email Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead and demand an end to the assault on wolves, and urge him to immediately enact the much-needed buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park. Wolves deserve protection in our National Parks, and everywhere. /p
pWyoming Gov. Matt Mead:br /
Phone: 307.777.7434br /
Fax: 307.632.3909br /
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