Cheers to Chile’s President Sebastian Piñera for introducing a bill earlier this month that would impose a nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags. On his Facebook page, Piñera said just in Chile’s capital, people use an estimated 62.2 million single-use plastic bags a year, and that plastic waste has created an island of plastic bags on the coasts of Chile and Peru similar in size to Mexico.

We applaud Piñera for caring about the oceans and the animals who need them to survive! In our upcoming issue of Action Line, which will be released June 20, we offer a plethora of ways people everywhere can begin eliminating plastics from their everyday lives so they can become stewards of their local waterways and the marine animals who call them home.

Want to get started right away? Refuse single-use plastic bags when retailers offer them to you. Instead, use reusable bags whenever and wherever you go shopping, whether it’s for food or clothing. You can purchase a Friends of Animals’ tote bag today on our website.