We didn’t think it was possible for fur-vendors to be any more disgusting, but an incident that occurred last week proved us wrong.

A huge JEER goes out today to the despicable fur vendor employees who climbed onto the roof of a six-story building near Spring Street in NYC and chucked a mixture of bleach and ammonia onto the street below, where a group of about 15 activists were protesting the vendors’ outdoor racks of fur coats. The chemicals splattered the clothing of at least four people, including an infant, and splashed a baby carriage. Watch the video below to learn more. 

The vendors, David Haber, 53, Luis Justino, 40, and Lawrence Andrews, 35, were each charged with several misdemeanors including reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and harassment.

This incident goes to show the insane lengths members of the fur industry are willing to go to and serves as another example of how this industry is desperately clinging to outdated and barbaric trends of the past. 

We have long protested against this cruel and abusive industry and very recently launched a new anti-fur campaign “flipping off” those who think it’s cool to wear animals who have been tortured. The campaign consists of a billboard at Broadway and 45th St. in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, as well as social media components using the hashtag, #FlipOffFur, to take on fur-wearers worldwide and encourages consumers not to buy fur in protest against an industry that glamorizes and profits off of animal pain, suffering and death.

Join the campaign by following us on Twitter and tagging your anti-fur posts and pics with #FlipOffFur. Let’s shut down this cruel and abusive industry once and for all and finally make fur a thing of the past. 


Set the date, send the invitations, hire a photographer, rent a….lion?  We have a huge JEER today for the new cruel “trend” of including exotic animals in wedding celebrations. 

CBS News reports, “Exotic animals becoming new must-have at weddings” and goes onto explain that increasingly wild corners of the animal kingdom are being tapped for the ever-increasing demand for super special weddings, proposals and pictures. The article includes mention of zoos and ranches that offer “wedding specials” to entice brides and grooms to seriously consider forcing wild animals to be included as props on their wedding day. 

According to CBS, for $349, Cincinnati’s Newport aquarium will “loan” you a room full of penguins in which you can propose to your beloved. Or at the Lion Habitat Ranch, couples can come ride in on a Jeep near Bentley the lion for their big moment. 

It should go without saying that this is an absurd and abusive trend that needs to disappear as quickly as it’s popped into the spotlight. Animals do not exist for the entertainment of humans and we know first-hand what happens to animals exploited in entertainment, since we manage Primarily Primates sanctuary in Texas. The sanctuary houses and cares for over 400 animals, many of whom were discarded from the entertainment industry once they got too old to control.

Animals are not meant to be actors or props at parties and celebrations. A word of advice to those planning their weddings…instead of wasting money creating a self-indulgent spectacle, put something aside for your new home and your future. Leave the animals out of it.