#FlipOffFur: Newsflash, Kathy Griffin…there’s absolutely no excuse for ever wearing fur. A JEER goes out to Griffin, comedienne and soon to be “Fashion Police” host, who donned a gigantic and hideous fur coat during her annual New Year’s Eve broadcast on Wednesday. 

Even after her co-host, Anderson Cooper, told her she shouldn’t be wearing real fur, Griffin refused to apologize for her choice of outerwear saying it belonged to Joan Rivers and she was wearing it to “honor” her. It should go without saying that there are much better ways to honor a friend than draping yourself in the skins of tortured animals. 

With so many alternatives to fur available today (like the faux fur coat Griffin wore last year) there’s no reason for anyone to promote the cruel and abusive fur industry. We’re telling Griffin to #FlipOffFur for good and realize that there’s nothing classy or fashionable about wearing fur. 

We have long protested against this cruel and abusive industry and very recently launched a new anti-fur campaign “flipping off” those who think it’s cool to wear animals who have been tortured. Join our campaign by speaking out against fur-wearers everywhere and tag your anti-fur photos with #FlipOffFur to see them shared on our social media accounts. Let’s shut down this cruel and abusive industry once and for all and finally make fur a thing of the past.