Celebrating World Elephant Day


In honor of World Elephant Day, which was designated to bring attention to the dangers facing African and Asian elephants, consider a donation to Friends of Animals so we can sustain the efforts we are making on behalf of endangered and threatened pachyderms.

About 350,000 elephants remain in Africa and less than 50,000 are left in Asia. The population of pachyderms has declined by 90 percent in the past century, declines driven by the commodification of elephants for their ivory, skins and hunting interests, poachers and habitat changes.

We have worked tirelessly over the decades to protect elephants from extinction. In the early 1990s, FoA sent anti-poaching equipment to eight African nations to protect elephants and continued that assistance for a decade afterward. Our most recent actions include:

  • Pushing for the passage of a ban on imports in New York state of trophies of hunted elephants. New York is the biggest port of entry in the nation for trophies. We have also proposed similar legislation in Connecticut and are supporting federal legislation that would prohibit the killing of any endangered species to import as trophies.
  • Filing a lawsuit against U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s refusal to take action to protect elephants from a skin trade that is jeopardizing their chances to survive as a species.
  • Filing an emergency rulemaking petition with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restrict the ability of U.S. zoos to import African elephants.

You can help us continue our work.