pstrongFriends of Animals tests it out with Chef Trish Sebben-Krupka /strong/p
pby Lee Hall/p
pVegan caviar. Really! /p
pWe heard a href=”″this Danish product /awas a hit when it debuted at the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival. At just about a href=””$10 a jar/a it’s a lot gentler than regular caviar on the wallet as well as on sea life. /p
pBut would such a product hold up to the expectations of a chef who knows the taste of sturgeon caviar? /p
pCould online retailers and hosts of elegant affairs be inspired to drop caviar made from sturgeon-fish for whom a href=””Friends of Animals and WildEarth Guardians recently petitioned as urgently needing the protection of the U.S. Endangered Species Act/a-and offer seaweed-based varieties with a straight face? /p
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pI (Lee) had caviar-black, and, you know, the kind we shouldn’t be eating-about 30 years ago, before becoming vegan. It had a fairly strong taste. Cavi•Art is a bit lighter, with a less oily feel. It’s showy, versatile and great fun to experiment with: vibrant, delightful and real in its own right./p
pBut who’s going to listen to me? I’m vegan./p
pstrongTo test my view, I met with chef Trish Sebben-Krupka./strong/p
pTrish, whose culinary area of choice is vegan-organic cuisine, does have extensive experience as a corporate chef in the omnivorous sphere, and can be expected to know more than I do about how this will likely play out in the gourmet world. So I stopped by the local Trader Joe’s for some caviar aficionados’ wafers, and headed to northern New Jersey to meet with Trish./p
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pstrongHere’s everything laid out and ready for the serious business of tasting./strong/p
pWe started with the yellow Cavi•Art together with a bit of Sour Supreme (by Tofutti) on the water crackers. Trish liked the “texture authenticity”; yet the taste of the yellow Cavi•Art is not just like roe. That’s not a complaint: we found the Cavi•Art products did very well on their own terms. /p
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