The city of Cambridge, Mass., has reason to celebrate as officials there passed a sweeping ban on the sale of non-rescued animals in pet stores.

The ordinance, passed by the Cambridge City Council, prohibits the sale of non-rescued birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and possibly fish at a later date. 

Despite opposition from infamous animal-exploiting corporations Petco and PetSmart—the two main pet shops in Cambridge—deputy director of a Massachusetts based animal advocacy society, Laura Hagen wrote that “Cambridge residents have been enthusiastically supportive [of the ban], indicating that they want to see Cambridge leave the inhumane animal supply chain.”

While more than 200 jurisdictions across America have banned non-rescued dog and cat sales, Cambridge has gone much further, protecting the often-overlooked small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians who suffer so much in the pet trade. For the sake of these animals, let’s hope other jurisdictions follow suit!

Whether it’s getting pet stores to sell rescue animals or forcing them out of business entirely if they refuse to, Friends of Animals applauds efforts that crack down on the puppy mill industry and encourage people to adopt so euthanasia rates continue to decrease. Check out our article “How Much is that Shelter Doggie in the Window” to learn more about this movement and see how you can take action to help ban retail pet stores in your community!