pstrongPlease act and get the word out today./strong Make the calls. nbsp;strongThe Proposed NYS Devocalization Ban is Now On The Verge of a Vote By the Full Assembly. /strong Call Your Assemblymember Immediately To Ensure It Gets One — And Passes AS WRITTEN. If Amended, It Could Enable This Cruel Mutilation! Stella Didn’t Deserve This. No Animal Does. Thanks to your calls, A3431D, prohibiting devocalization of dogs and cats, is just a step away from a vote by the full Assembly. But an Assemblymember asked that it be “laid aside.” That means if it gets a vote–instead, it could be held over or sent to the black hole known as “study”–it’ll be debated. The legislative allies of lobbies that profit from devocalization will try to amend the bill so it allows and legitimizes the very act of animal cruelty the law is supposed to prohibit! Don’t let them win or helpless dogs and cats will lose their voices, their wellbeing and their lives…all for human convenience. Cutting a dog’s or cat’s vocal cord tissue is always dangerous, no matter how experienced the vet or how the procedure is done. These animals choke to death on food–and inhale vomit into their lungs. They suffer heatstroke even on mild days. The “lucky” ones struggle to breathe, cough and gag, retch and wheeze the rest of their lives. And for what? Devocalized animals are abandoned like any other. They face only anguish, no benefit from this inhumane, unethical surgery. Protect them by calling…and getting 2 friends to do the same. strongCall Your NYS Assemblymember Immediately — Even If You’ve Called Before/strong Ask for an aide and say these words exactly: “I’m a constituent, and I’d like the Assemblymember to vote for A3431D, prohibiting devocalization, without further amendments. Passing this humane law is a top priority for me, so I’ll be following it. Thank you.” Don’t know your Assemblymember’s name or contact info? a href=” “Enter your address/a. Call, don’t email. Emails can be ignored. Calls can’t. Get voicemail? Keep calling till you can speak with an aide. Don’t give up…but always be polite. Remember, it’s an election year. Legislators want your vote. You deserve theirs for a humane law that matters deeply to you. strongThe Assembly Speaker’s Support is Essential/strong Call the office of Assembly Speaker Silver at 518-455-3791. As the most powerful lawmaker in the Assembly, his support of an enforceable devocalization ban is essential. Ask that he bring A3431D, prohibiting devocalization, to a floor vote quickly and ensure it passes as written, without further amendments. It’s unacceptable that New York still allows devocalization, a practice so barbaric, many countries have long banned it–as Massachusetts did in 2010. The NYS legislature should pass A3431D as written… /