Bunny Killing Workshop Cancelled at Sterling College 

Friends of Animals received confirmation today that the gruesome “Kill Your Own Bunny” public workshop slated for May 2 at Sterling College in Vermont has been cancelled thanks to FoA’s objections and dialogue with college officials, and to the overwhelming number of phone calls and emails the college president received from our members and supporters.

Sterling College President Matthew Derr wrote in a statement that  “public workshops of this type will be suspended.” 

While this is progress, unfortunately the college’s own rabbit breeding and slaughter program still exists as part of its agricultural animal farming curriculum for students. Derr also stated, “The description of this workshop was inconsistent with the respectful approach to animal husbandry fostered at Sterling College for over 40 years. Although it was not an announcement from the college, we nonetheless deeply regret its publication.”  

This statement refers to the  appalling way the event was promoted: “Are you curious about raising rabbits for your homestead, but aren’t sure how to turn them from sweet, loving buns to meat for the table? Feel free to bring your own (rabbits)…”  

While we are happy that no public workshops of this sort will occur as a result of our efforts, the college’s stated goal of a “respectful approach to animal husbandry” is fraudulent. Sterling College promotes and teaches their students the “humane” animal agriculture myth. There is no way to humanely breed, raise and slaughter animals.  Our hope is that the college drops its animal agriculture programs entirely and instead transforms into a sustainable and humane learning institution by focusing curriculum that will inspire the future vegetable farmers of the world.  A plant-based diet is the only truly humane and sustainable one.  

The increasing trend of “grass-fed,” “cage-free” and “humanely-raised” labels for animal products is a marketing scam, not only because there never will be a  humane way to slaughter animals, but it denies the fact that wildlife species such as wild horses, bison and wolves,—are systematically wiped out by livestock operators who don’t want to share public lands with them.

Friends of Animals continues to educate and promote a plant-based lifestyle through our vegan cookbooks, vegan starter guides, restaurant guides and advocacy as well as in Action Line magazine.