breensmith ad campaign humanizes dogs & cats ‘on the streets’ to drive spaying & neutering 

— New creative for Friends of Animals to appear in print, OOH and digital —

ATLANTA (July 22, 2014) – Atlanta-based ad agency, breensmith, has taken a new approach to animal-welfare campaigns.  Instead of the typical creative, which gratuitously shows scared and abused animals, the agency’s campaign for Friends of Animals shows homeless animals in human scenarios.

breensmith’s new campaign is purposed to show how, without spaying & neutering, millions of dogs and cats are born, left to live on the streets without a home.

“In our new creative, we show cats and dogs in a variety of ‘homeless human’ situations, ranging from pets keeping warm around a trashcan fire to a dog sleeping on a bench with a newspaper for a blanket,” says Chris Breen, creative director at breensmith.  “It’s a humorous take on a serious issue that’s meant to tap into human empathy in an attention-grabbing way by putting dogs and cats in familiar ‘on the street’ scenarios.”

The creative will be seen on billboards up and down the east cost, and in print and digital ads across the U.S. 

To help keep more animals off the streets, Friends of Animals spays and neuters approximately 35,000 animals each year.  To date, Friends of Animals (FoA) has sterilized more than 2.6 million cats and dogs.  

“Unfortunately, homelessness isn’t solved entirely by publicizing adoptions through animal shelters.  We know we have to educate people that spay-neuter is a big part of the solution that protects dogs and cats from harm,” said Priscilla Feral, president, FoA. “Sometimes animals who make it into a home face people ill-equipped or incapable of assuming costs and responsibilities of lifetime care.  With the help of more than 600 participating veterinarians nationwide, FoA is the non-profit leader for affordable spay-neuter efforts.” 

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