Friends of Animals Declares a Boycott of Travel to Alaska in the 2010 Tourist Season, calling groups and individuals to join.


The area around Denali National Park has just been opened to wolf hunters and trappers. Last Friday (5 March 2010), the state’s Board of Game voted to erase the park’s protective zone, as reported in the Anchorage Daily News, and approved opening the northeast periphery of the Denali National Park and Preserve for wolf trapping.

The 4-3 vote, over vigorous opposition of those who wanted the wolves protected, eliminates the current buffer zone that forbids trapping.

“The state’s decision is obnoxious,” said Friends of Animals’ president Priscilla Feral. “And it contradicts what the park authorities had asked for. Federal officials had recommended expanding the buffer zone to protect wolves naturally wandering outside the park’s boundaries.”

Feral added, “As long as Alaska officials thumb their noses at common sense and decency, the public should stop supporting the state. We understand this is not easy for businesses, but we need their public declaration in support of the wolves and their advocates! It’s the government that’s condoning the killing of the very animals tourists go up to see.”

Friends of Animals, a group opposed to all hunting and trapping of wolves, pressed to reinstate a 600 sq.-mile east and northeast boundary buffer similar to that established in November 1992. Instead, not only has that area shrunk, but the current Board of Game went so far as to try to control federal lands proposing wolf control inside Denali National Park.

“Don’t support Alaska,” Feral said. “Alaska’s state officials have shown a disgraceful lack of respect for nature and the ecosystem as well as the wolves themselves. Governor Sean Parnell needs to step in and control the humans who are paid by the state.”

Please tell Gov. Parnell you’re boycotting travel to Alaska because of the state’s wolf persecution.


Gov. Sean Parnell
P. O. Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811-0001

Telephone: (907) 465-3500

Example message (suitable for 28 cent post cards, letters and e-mail):

Dear Gov. Parnell: I have joined Friends of Animals’ travel boycott; please step in now to stop Alaska from controlling wolves through any and all state permits or proposals — and that includes stripping the buffer zone around Denali National Park.