The Bureau of Land Management has proposed to issue new 10-year grazing permits for cattle and sheep in Nevada’s Cow Canyon, Clan Alpine and Dixie Valley Grazing Allotments, increasing forage for the doomed animals, and for the next 10 years to roundup, remove and use chemical and surgical fertility control measures on mares and stallions in the Clan Alpine Herd Management Area. 
Friends of Animals is adamant BLM keeps its hands off the Clan Alpine Herd and has submitted comments on the Environmental Assessment for BLM’s Cow Canyon, Clan Alpine and Dixie Valley Allotments Landscape Project, which can be read below.
The population of wild horses in the Clan Alpine HMA is actually below appropriate management level—and BLM even admits that the riparian wetlands damage in the Cow Canyon and Clan Alpine allotments can be attributed to cattle and drought, not wild horses.
That the agency would even propose adding more doomed cattle and sheep to those areas, or that severe population control of wild horses is necessary, is insane and more proof the agency is no longer fit to protect America’s wild horses.