By Nicole Rivard

When Friends of Animals interviewed Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown for the summer 2014 issue of Action Line, he shared his vision for his plant-based “meats,” that they would one day end up in fast food chains where millions of people eat every day.

Well Brown may be another step closer to fulfilling his vision as Beyond Meat has introduced its Beast Burger and Beastly sliders this month, which are made from pea protein and are soy, gluten and GMO free. 

Beyond Meat boasts that its vegan burgers feature more iron and protein than beef, more calcium than milk and more omegas than salmon, plus each is packed with the Beyond Nutrient Blend.™ Specially formulated using all-natural ingredients like sea buckthorn, pomegranate seeds, moringa leaf and more, the Beyond Nutrient Blend works together to assist in muscle recovery and fatigue, designed to help get you back on the field, on the road, or on the job faster.

If that’s not enough incentive to try one, SHAPE magazine reports that they taste good too! Here is an excerpt from SHAPE: “While we were sold on the nutrient profiles—not to mention the company’s conscientious mission to offset the environmental impact of meat production—there was one other major factor on our checklist: taste.

We tested their whole line of products, and our verdict: The nutrients aren’t the only category Beyond Meat smokes their competitors in. Beyond Chicken has a remarkably pleasant texture akin to the real poultry—you can see and feel the stringy fibers like in real chicken. The Beyond Beef Crumbles are similar to seitan (another meat-free protein alternative), but satisfy the craving for sausage pizza better than any vegetarian pizza topping we’ve ever tasted. And the burger? It might not be as thick and juicy as a patty you formed yourself, but the texture is spot-on and better than most burgers you can get at a fast food joint or restaurant (and for under $5 a box!). You definitely won’t feel like you’re eating vegetables, which might just be the key to converting meat-lovers everywhere.”

To learn more about Ethan Brown, read FoA’s Action Line story right here or visit to find out what retailers carry Beyond Meat products.