pa href=””img alt=”fur pin” src=”” style=”width: 200px; height: 215px; float: right; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px;” //a/ppAs many of our members and observers worldwide know, pop stars appeared in fur at the 2013 inaugural events. Though it might be difficult to nbsp; nbsp;prevail upon celebrities to stop wearing fur, we can send a message in our communities to counteract the damage they do./ppConsider purchasing as many of Friends of Animals#39; a href=””No Fur pins /aand a href=””stickers/a as you can put to good use. When you and your empathetic friends wear them on your coats, hats, iPad covers-you name it-people on trains, in restaurants, and even White House events get the picture that our culture does not find fur hip. Animals such as chinchillas, lynx, rabbits, mink and foxes could, but for the trade in their skin and hair, live free on Earth. To end the fur trade is, essentially, to extend animals their birthright of freedom. This is Friends of Animals#39; vital message. Animal rights presents a genuine and profound challenge to our culture. It#39;s not just about having sympathy for maltreated animals and outrage over what people do to them, although it is that. It#39;s about viewing them with respect and ensuring they can live in their own ways./ppSay no to fur. Say it in public. Thank you./p