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To the Editor:

Re “A Political Punch Line Is Dinner in Alaska,” Sept. 17:

Deceased moose aren’t necessary for Alaskan dinners. I have visited Alaska often. Plant-based foods abound in restaurants and stores.

Alaska’s government – namely Sarah Palin – nevertheless assaults animals systematically through aerial wolf- and bear-killing, artificially inflating the number of moose and caribou for hunters.

The main issue is not need, but defending old habits. Humans have the ability to change, although changing ingrained customs does take effort and profound care. An increasingly unbalanced climate’s impact on the northern web of life underscores the importance of such efforts.

Ms. Palin’s entry into the international spotlight has brought forth, from many, a resounding call: It’s high time we let the bear, moose, and wolves live.

Priscilla Feral
Darien, Conn.

The writer is the president of Friends of Animals.